About Us

the pearlsHi! I’m Lacar. I’m a happy wife of a metalhead, mommy of two sweet girls, former parenting magazine editor and now communications director of a food and wine company

This blog started out simply: as weekly photo uploads on Facebook by a new mom eagerly chronicling her first child’s developmental milestones. It wasn’t even a blog; but a quick way to connect my daughter Cadey with family and friends who couldn’t see her on a regular basis. I only intended to do weekly postings during Cadey’s first year, but eventually my husband Eric encouraged me to continue beyond the first year. He said Cadey might appreciate reading about her growing up years when she’s older, so I kept at it.

When Naomi was born, I planned on posting about her weekly development as well. But to be honest, I couldn’t sustain the weekly posting about two daughters simply because I was always either pressed for time or exhausted due to work. So the weekly posting took a pause. A pretty long one.

About a year later, I decided it was time to pick up where I left off since Cadey was entering preschool and Naomi was turning one – major milestones that deserved to be well documented. I wanted a more accessible place for the posts, so I asked Eric to help create a website where we could repost all of the old Facebook posts, revisit them and, of course, upload new ones. 

So here we are. Welcome to Raising Little Pearls.

The blog chronicles our journey with two beautiful daughters as we raise them to become smart, respectful, courageous, admirable and, most of all, well-rounded and happy individuals. Eric and I aren’t perfect parents, but I’d like to think we have enough common sense to be ample role models to our children. I don’t claim to be an expert – in fact, I’m still a bumbling parent myself – so I’m not here to dole out parenting pearls of wisdom. I simply want to share with you how wonderful it is to raise such delightful daughters. They are both little versions of me and Eric, and I know that you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have.

If you’re a new parent, please feel free to use the weekly updates on my daughters’ development as reference. Just a disclaimer: not all kids develop at the same pace, so let’s not make any developmental disparities among our kids discourage us. And when your kids do reach those milestones, drop me a line so I can celebrate with you! Every little achievement should be celebrated because it validates all the efforts we parents do for our children. One small step for baby, one giant leap for mommy and daddy!

Happy reading!