Cadey at 1 Year, 13 Weeks Old

Cadey experienced a lot of firsts this Mother’s Day weekend. She had her first plane ride, visit to Iloilo, boat ride and swim at the beach. She loved splashing the water and the feel of the sand between her toes. She had such a blast this weekend — as you can see from the photo.

One thing I can really say about Cadey at this age is that she has such a good disposition. Her positive personality really shines through, from the way she quickly greets strangers, feels comfortable in a new surrounding and even as she waves hello at the ocean. She has such an openness about her that it makes it so easy for people who have just met her to fall in love with her. Watch out, boys!

But like other girls, she’s made from both sugar and spice — and Cadey can become the extremely demanding tot who wants what she wants now, now, now OR ELSE. She also has a set of pipes to really voice out her irritation and yells, “Nyanyanyanyanya!!!” Lately we have been facing off in a battle of wills with her more and more — and unfortunately, the adults often lose. Her big burly daddy with all his tattoos and her tough momma with the feisty attitude — both buckle at the behest of this little beast. Haha. (Hey, did you catch the alliteration there?)

Traveling with a small kid can be such a challenge. Everything revolves around her — what she needs, what she wants, how she feels, what we think she’ll enjoy, etc. We also have to pack not just clothes, but also milk, bottles, favorite snacks, favorite toys, even her hotdog pillows — everything that will make her feel at home wherever she is. While cumbersome, it works. In Iloilo, she didn’t have a hard time adjusting to a new place (whether it was her granddad and grandma’s home or the beach resort) and was able to easily fall asleep. It’s such a nice development from when she was an infant and couldn’t sleep anywhere but her crib at home or her mama’s or yada’s arms.

It’s become easier and easier to manage Cadey. Maybe because she’s getting older or we’re just getting better as parents — unlike when she was a newborn and Eric and I were so scared to even carry her. Regardless, she’s such a ray of sunshine to have around. I can’t wait to bring her along to many more trips and adventures!

7 years ago

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