Cadey at 1 Year, 43 Weeks Old

We went on our first family-only out-of-town trip this weekend. I think it was a success…aside from a quick stopover to clean up some toddler vomit and make a wardrobe change on the way to our destination. Haha. All in all, we had a good family weekend outing in Montemar for a friend’s renewal of vows ceremony. Just me, Eric and this darling.

Cadey’s such a joy to be with. She loved the beach, being in a new place and meeting new people. It makes it easier for me and Eric to make new friends because of our little wing girl.

It;s also becoming easier to watch over Cadey because her communication skills have improved. She knows how to listen and follow what her dada or mama asks her to – although sometimes, being the willful toddler that is her nature, she pretends not to hear us and keeps on doing what she’s been told not to. But when she’s being hardheaded, she can already be disciplined with a stern tone from mama or dada and she stops whatever she’s doing.

Aside from her growing communication skills, physically Cadey’s growing fast, too. That swimsuit she’s wearing in the photo? That’s for a four-year-old! And she’s not even two! I said it several times before and I’ll say it again: yup, she’s a big baby. But really, she’s big in every joyful way – big smile, big laughter, big heart.

6 years ago

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