Cadey at 3 Years, 28 Weeks Old

Buwan ng Wika!

It was Cadey’s first time to celebrate her native language and the first time she wore a Filipino costume – and she rocked it! Thank you to her cousins who lent her their old costume.

Unfortunately, Cadey isn’t a native speaker yet – and I feel pretty guilty about that. I see other kids her age who can speak Filipino quite fluently and I wish Cadey could be just as well-versed. She can say a words, phrases and expressions like “baba” (down), “Nagsuka si Yomi!” (Yomi vomited!) and “Hay nako!” (Oh dear!), but really, you can count with your two hands how many she can actually say in Filipino.

The school’s Buwan ng Wika celebration was a nice way to end the first school term, which focused on the theme of “Families & Friends.” The school invited the parents, prepared a program, decorated the lobby with native accessories and served Filipino food for lunch.

Leading up to the event, the Nursery 1 and 2 kids created artworks that transformed the school gym into a Pinoy-themed venue. They painted the Philippine flag, the jeepney and the national bird, the monkey-eating eagle. The teachers also taught their Champs a few Filipino songs to perform in front of their parents. They also learned to sing “Lupang Hinirang” – which Cadey proudly sang, even placing her right hand on her heart (“Like a soldier!” she said).

So I’m quite grateful that despite being an international school, MindChamps still incorporated the Buwan ng Wika celebration into their curriculum. It’s supposed to be a month-long commemoration, but dedicating one week still made for a great way to acclimate the kids, and even their parents, to their host country’s language. In my perspective, being a Filipino mom, it’s a great reminder to Cadey of her Filipino heritage.

See highlights from Cadey’s Week 11 in school, including photos of their Linggo ng Wika celebration (click images for captions):

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Ninang Mona - 5 years ago

Adorable Cadey…. like her mom, Carla

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