Cadey at 3 Years, 27 Weeks Old

Wow, Cadey has logged in 10 weeks of school already! Last week marked the end of the first term at Cadey’s school, and I was asked to write about her journey so far for the first newsletter of the schoolyear. So I thought I’d share what I wrote for them in this post.

10 Weeks, 10 Discoveries

When we enrolled Cadey in MindChamps, we didn’t only expect for her to get acclimated to a formal school setting, like being with classmates, following a schedule, wearing a uniform and mastering the basic skills necessary to enter the big school next year, but also to generally develop a love of learning. We received all these from the school and more. In 10 weeks, Cadey has shown remarkable development, the most notable of which I can sum up in 10 ways:

  1. She is more articulate. Cadey speaks longer sentences and her vocabulary has expanded. From 4- to 5-word sentences, she has moved up to 8 words or so. “Mommy, CJ got angry because Cadey took his toy!” Well, you could say that talking about school has certainly become an intriguing topic of conversation on our way home. 
  2. She can read! Man, fan, can, cat bat, hat – Cadey recognizes the words when she sees them. As someone who strings words for a living, I was most impressed by this new skill she learned in school. 
  3. She has mad art skills. Apparently we’ve been raising a little Kandinsky – which I didn’t know until Rina, the school’s president, sent me a photo of an abstract artwork Cadey painted. 
  4. She is more observant. When we read a book together, Cadey brings my attention to little details such as a small pair of glasses in the corner of the page or eyes peeking through a tree hollow. What I’ve noticed with her increased observation skill is that she can retain information better, like recalling what Kipper and Floppy (characters in the book series her class has been reading together) were doing in a particular story. 
  5. She’s increasingly willing to try new things. Especially food! Hallelujah! Cadey is such a picky eater and to hear that she tried new dishes during Gourmet Moment class is such music to our ears. 
  6. She’s more independent. As much as we love to watch Cadey socializing with her classmates, it’s also wonderful to see her working on her own thing and finding satisfaction in solo activities that the school encourages her to do like reading and solving puzzles. 
  7. She has learned to become assertive. “Why did you do that? I don’t like it. Please go away.” Along with Cadey’s growing sense of independence is a growing sense of self-respect and of being able to honestly express herself, which I believe is an important life skill to hone. 
  8. She has a remarkable capacity for compassion. We knew Cadey was sweet, but we didn’t realize how much until her teacher recounted some of those moments during class. “What happened? Are you okay? You want me to kiss your ouchie?” Cadey once asked a classmate upon overhearing that he hurt himself. 
  9. She has quite the imagination. Her teacher has observed that even though she can’t read well yet, Cadey would invent a story based on the illustrations and share her version with her classmates. 
  10. She doesn’t fail to surprise us. What I love about the school is that it equips their teachers with the know-how to coax out out all the potential within the students. Every day, every week, it seems Cadey comes home with something new that she has learned or something new that she has just experienced – each moment making her an improved version of herself as compared to the last. 

See highlights from Cadey’s Week 10 in school (click images for captions):

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