Cadey at 3 Years, 18 Weeks Old

Cadey is adjusting quite well to the routine of going to school and being in a classroom setting. Being in a classroom isn’t anything new to her, since I enrolled her in play school back when she was only a year and a half old and we lived in QC. But she had only 2 classmates then, went to class for only an hour three times a week, and the program lasted a couple of months. This time in MindChamps, she has 8 classmates and she’s in school every day for 4 hours for 11 months (yup, the school year is that long!). It’s a bigger commitment, but one she seems to take on effortlessly.

Cadey attending preschool was definitely an adjustment for the entire household, not only for her. I had to rearrange my schedule at work: from reporting at the office for only two days a week to showing up every morning. I like the new arrangement as it allows me to drive Cadey and Yaya Lhily to school (about a 20-minute trip), drive straight to the office (which is only around 20 minutes away from school), catch up with my colleagues, leave the office by noon to pick up Cadey and Yaya Lhily, drive us home and spend the rest of the day working in the company of my girls.

Unfortunately for Eric, he doesn’t get to spend as much time as he used to with Cadey. By the time I bring her home, she’s either still asleep or Eric has to leave already for work. Fortunately for Naomi, though, she gets to spend more quality one-on-one time with her dada!

The first week of school was activity-filled for Cadey. According to her Teacher Angel, she learned about the routine inside the classroom and the rules inside the Mind Gym. The Mind Gym is where the class holds the NeuroMooves enrichment program, which focuses on developing motor skills, musical intelligence, coordination and balance through a routine that combines energizing and relaxing movements. In other words, it’s more than just PE.

And this is what I like about Cadey’s school: that it incorporates enrichment programs in its curriculum. Another one is Gourmet Moments, where the kids are introduced to various cuisines, ingredients and cooking skills, hence building their appreciation for the diversity of food. This one I’m quite hopeful about since Cadey is such a picky eater. I can’t wait to see how successful the program will be in getting her to eat more than just the usual fried chicken and rice.

Another thing I like about the school is the Connection Book. It’s a communication channel between the parents and their child’s teacher. At the end of every week, the teacher hands over the Connection Book where she has listed the developments, milestones and even challenges the child faced during the week. It allows parents to be up to date on their child’s progress and, should they have any questions or concerns, they can write on the book for the teacher to review and address.

For instance, during her first week of school according to her teacher, Cadey enjoyed cutting paper and showed a strong sense of concern or compassion for her classmates. She’d ask questions like, “Why is she crying?” “Do you want to eat?” and “Do you want to sit here?” The teacher was amazed that Cadey showed this kind of attitude, considering it was her first time to enter formal schooling. She proceeded to congratulate us for a job well done on raising our child with good manners (Yay to me and Eric!). She ended her update with a list of assignments for the following week (What? The parents have homework?! Haha).

connection book

The “Connection Book” allows parents to communicate with their child’s teacher on a regular basis. Through the book, the teacher writes about the child’s weekly highlights and posts a list of things for parents to prepare for the upcoming week.

To be honest, it made me feel good to have someone validate and compliment Cadey on her good behavior because she can be quite unpleasant sometimes, especially when she’s sleepy and tries to stay awake but ends up being super cranky. I’m grateful that we’ve raised our child to be sociable and kind, and I look forward to seeing her bloom into a lovely lady who brings positivity and inspiration to her peers.

See below for Cadey’s highlights last week in school (click the images to read the captions):

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