Cadey at 3 Years, 19 Weeks Old

It’s wonderful to see Cadey enjoying school. She’s still adjusting to going to bed and waking up earlier than usual but she generally lights up when we wake her up and say, “It’s time to get ready for school, Cadey.”

According to her Teacher Angel, Cadey showed remarkable sense of empathy during the second week. She wrote in the Connection Book about Cadey:

“She’s very observant with the emotions and facial expressions of the characters in the book. She called my name and said, ‘Teacher Angel! Look! She’s mad.’ Cadey was concerned with the character’s facial expression and also showed it to her peers with respect and gentleness. When one of her classmates was reading a book and can’t seem to understand it, Cadey sat down beside her and asked, ‘You like that book? You like to read?’ and she started pointing at the pictures of her classmate’s book. She helped her peer to do pretend reading and at the end, her classmate was doing it on her own. Awesome job, Cadey!”

It makes me extremely proud to know that about Cadey, that she can be sweet and thoughtful of others – because she can certainly still be a handful whenever she’s having one of her me-me-me episodes. And I see that thoughtful quality of hers as a positive sign of how well the school is influencing its students – and a sign of how much we spoil our child at home! Haha. Perhaps I should enrol myself in Cadey’s school and learn some pointers…

See highlights of Cadey’s second week of school here (click images for captions):

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