Cadey at 3 Years, 20 Weeks Old

Cadey showed off her numeracy skills last week. Her Teacher Angel was impressed that she was able to arrange the numbers 1 to 13 correctly. Yay, Cadey!

I’m not surprised, though, that Cadey knows her numbers because even before she started school, she could already count up to 20. I owe it to this app, called Endless Numbers, which I bought and downloaded for her. Many parents would frown upon exposing young kids to devices, but this app helped teach Cadey how to identify numbers, so I don’t see harm in letting her play with it – and even in Naomi playing with it when she’s bigger pretty soon.

But what I do like about the school setup is that it teachers Cadey real world applications of her numeracy skill. How many soccer balls does she see? How many cups of rice are poured into the cooker? How many lolos and lolas does she have? The school provides her with various opportunities and fun activities so that what she learns theoretically makes perfect sense to her.

What I  also find remarkable about Cadey is her growing self-confidence, which seems to grow every day in school. Whenever she successfully accomplishes a task, she exclaims with much enthusiasm, “I did it!” – to the delight of the teacher who admires her for her positive attitude toward class activities.

Aside from this boost in self-confidence, Cadey has also begun to understand patience and waiting her turn. At home, she is used to having the attention focused on her and getting what she wants when she asks for it. So imagine my surprise when told that Cadey’s “always excited to have her turn and would patiently wait until Teacher Angel calls her.” Attagirl, Cadey!

See below for more highlights of Cadey in school last week (click images for captions):

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