Cadey’s First Visit to the Dentist

Aside from attending formal schooling for the first time this week, Cadey experienced another milestone: visiting the dentist for the first time. She had been complaining of toothache, so it was definitely time to bring her for a checkup.

Cadey was such a trooper at the dentist’s clinic. She was excited to sit on the chair and open her mouth. I thank shows like Elmo and Family Fun Pack (a YouTube show) for those episodes on visiting the dentist – they helped prep Cadey for her first visit by showing her what to expect.

The dentist took an X-ray of Cadey’s teeth and found plaque and cavities. She recommended pulp treatment and silver crowns on Cadey’s upper molars and major cleaning of the four front teeth. Formula milk (especially when the bottle is left in the child’s mouth while sleeping) and inadequate toothbrushing are among the reasons for Cadey’s milk caries. The dentist gave us two options: 1) bring Cadey in weekly to do the treatment one tooth at a time and administering only a local anesthetic, or 2) bring Cadey in for a one-time big-time surgery where she’ll be put to sleep and everything that needs to be done on her teeth can be done in one big go.

Of course, we opted for option 2 since, one, Cadey is still terrified of loud noises and the drill alone would make it extremely hard to keep her calm; and two, she won’t be so traumatized by the weekly visits since one major visit while she’s asleep will do the job. It’s way more expensive, since we also have to pay for the anesthesiologist (and these guys are not cheap!), but at least we minimize the physical and emotional trauma on Cadey.

Eric and I are really worried, but the sooner we get this done, the sooner Cadey will feel better and can chomp, chomp, chomp to her heart’s content.


Fooling around while waiting for her dental X-ray results. Let’s hope her fun attitude toward visiting the dentist doesn’t dissipate after her surgery!

5 years ago

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