Naomi’s Tutu & Bow Tie Birthday Party

Another DIY birthday party! And boy, Naomi’s tutu and bow tie party was an even bigger project than the Willie Wonka themed DIY party we threw for Cadey’s first birthday.

For anyone planning a kiddie party, here are the details behind the preparation for Naomi’s, including tips about suppliers, the DIY decor we made, and where to source the materials. Organizing a kiddie party, especially without the help of a party planner, is a time-consuming activity that can be both fun and frustrating – so I hope you’ll find some useful gems in this post.

Step 1. Should you go to a one-stop shop for your party needs or get the best for each service?

Getting one supplier to handle everything is certainly the most ideal choice. This way you only have to deal with one person or group. But more often than not, an all-in-one supplier may not offer the most affordable services.

For instance, an all-in-one supplier quoted me for Php2000 for 2 clowns, Php2000 for face painting and Php2500 for bubble show, when another supplier of clowns and magicians offered to do all of those services for only Php2500. However, the first supplier only charged Php2000 for sounds and lights, while the second one charged Php2500 for only the sound system.

It’s all about the pluses and the minuses when it comes to choosing your suppliers. Bottom line, if you’re looking for convenience, go for one supplier who will handle everything for you. But if you’re looking for affordability, then do the research and be prepared to coordinate with various suppliers.

Step 2. Choose a theme

Should you go classic (e.g. Disney character) or go for something unique? I wanted something in between. While I didn’t want a typical theme for Naomi’s, I also didn’t want a theme that would have been hard to buy decor for. If you go the classic route, it would definitely be easier to find suppliers who can readily answer your requirements.

Don’t forget to think about the color scheme as well. If you need ideas, simply Google “color mood board” and you’ll be directed to several mood and color boards posted on Pinterest. For Naomi’s party, I chose pink and white with touches of gold and black.


I found this adorable ballerina streamer in 168 Mall for only Php60. The “tutu skirt” around the table, meanwhile, is soft tulle from Divisoria (Ylaya St.) for Php60 per yard (I bought 25 yards).


I got the polka dot paper plates (Php35/10 pcs) and napkins (Php35/20 pcs) in 168 Mall, while the small pompom flower was handmade by someone I sourced via OLX (Php7/pc for 48 pcs).


We tied tulle and crepe paper bow ties around the kiddie chairs. The pompom flower and bow tie streamers gave the venue a fun, festive mood.

Step 3. Choose a venue and date

I wanted somewhere very close to where we lived, so naturally the choice was the function hall in our building. It was more than enough space for 100 guests and, what was best, we only needed to go down the elevator to get there.

There are lots of neighborhoods that rent out their multi-purpose function halls to non-residents. I’ve been to the ones in Corinthian Gardens and BF Parañaque, both of which are definitely worth considering.

As for the date, I chose Sunday afternoon since families were more likely free on this day. But the advantage of a Saturday party is you would have Sunday to rest before the work week starts.

Step 4. Decide on the menu

The next issue, of course, is the food. I explored nearby restaurants and caterers, but the quotations they sent me averaged at around Php250-350 per person for a 4- to 6-dish spread. I thought it was too much for our budget, since we were expecting 100 guests.

I then recalled a friend who had hired food carts for her daughter’s first birthday party and I thought this was a brilliant idea. Food carts were a much cheaper alternative since each cart could feed 100 pax and our supplier only charged Php1800 for each cart.

The timing of the party is also important in determining the menu. If you’re going to hold it during lunch or dinner, I would recommend getting a caterer because Filipinos love their rice and ulam. Food carts are the better choice for an afternoon party since they offer mostly street food or pica-pica and drinks.

For the drinks, I originally planned on buying bottles of juice and soda and preparing a self-service bar. But Eric recommended we hire a mobile bar so we didn’t have to worry about it anymore. You’re thinking, a mobile bar? At a kiddie party? Hey, half of those drinks were kid-friendly mocktails; the other half made the party all the more enjoyable for the big kids. So it was a win-win for all.

food carts

The food carts were Php1800 per cart for 3 carts. We chose: cheeseburgers, hotdogs, cheese sticks, dynamite lumpia, fries and fish and squid balls.

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