Naomi at 1 Year, 2 Weeks Old

First trip to the dentist today!

And she absolutely hated it.

Cadey was due for a follow-up checkup after her surgery, so I thought I’d bring Naomi along since she already had 8 full chompers out. Our dentist, Dr. Ricca, found a small white spot on Naomi’s front left tooth – and warned us that if we didn’t make sure to clean her teeth, that spot could develop into a cavity. Yikes! I’m glad we didn’t wait until Naomi started complaining about toothache to bring her to the dentist.

Dr. Ricca showed me and Yaya Rochelle how to massage Naomi’s gums and cheeks and to properly brush her teeth. Then she prescribed Tooth Mousse to further protect the teeth. It’s a topical cream made from the milk protein, casein, which research has found to have a tooth protective effect. It tastes like milk with added flavor – and for the girls I chose strawberry. You apply it all over the teeth, especially the affected areas, after brushing. Tooth Mousse is only available at a dentist’s clinic and costs a pretty penny (Php1350!!).

After the checkup, Naomi has determined that she was not a fan of the dentist and refused to give Dr. Ricca one of her beautiful bedimpled smiles as we headed out. But hey, being a dentist, much like parenthood, is a thankless job.


5 years ago

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