Naomi at 6 Weeks Old

Look at that proud papa. This photo was taken at the hospital as Naomi and I both had a doctor’s appointment. I’m happy to announce that mama and baby are fine. I’ve lost 20 pounds while Naomi has had some tremendous weight gain. She now weighs 4.85kg, putting her in the 75th percentile.

One thing that worries me is that Naomi has skin allergy. I’m afraid she might have gotten more than my features, but also my sensitive skin. Now we have to make sure we use mild baby detergent on her clothes and beddings, and Cetaphil Restoraderm wash and lotion for her skin. I think her skin was aggravated, too, by the cement/paint dust in the condo we moved into. I hope her skin gets better soon.

Naomi and I have formed quite a bond now. She follows my voice by looking at the direction she hears it from, quiets down when she hears or senses me, and is soothed by my scent. Sometimes it’s hard for Yaya Lhily to calm Naomi down or rock her to sleep because she’s looking for me. But Lhily has discovered that when I’m away and Naomi fusses, wrapping Naomi with the shirt I had just worn helps! So when I go back to work, I have to remember to leave my shirt for Naomi to use as a security blanket. I wonder if it’s possible to bottle a person’s scent? (Like in the movie Perfume! Without the murder, though, haha)

6 years ago

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