Happy 1st Birthday, Naomi Layla!

My baby’s now officially a toddler! Hooray!

Naomi weighs 10.4 kilos, is 78 cm tall, has 8 teeth, can walk with assistance and can stand without. While she looks like a worrier (that semi-unibrow and that pout!), she does have a delightful sense of humor and absolutely loves the Minions. She also loves pop music and will bounce her bootie up and down while watching Mhegan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” When she smiles, you can lose yourself in that deep adorable dimple and think only about kissing her soft, chubby cheeks.

For her birthday, I wanted to throw a grand celebration to make sure that when she looks back at the early years, she’d see that we gave her equal love and attention we gave her big sis. But to be honest, there were a lot of things that I forgot to do with Naomi but did with Cadey, like the weekly documenting of her milestones. I’ve even had to ask the yayas when Naomi first learned to crawl, sit up, speak, etc. Before Naomi was born, I promised I wouldn’t fall into the trap of the second child syndrome, but it still happened.

One major thing that I did do for Naomi that I didn’t for Cadey was to leave my long-time career as an editor to be more hands-on with them. Having missed out on a lot during Cadey’s first years, I didn’t want the same thing to happen with Naomi. So Naomi having her mama around more often definitely has that over Cadey, haha.

You could say Naomi’s first birthday party was initially the result of mother’s guilt – but more than this, it was our way of thanking Naomi for the sheer joy she had brought to the family. She showed Eric and I that we were capable of love multiplied in many levels. It’s true what they say: that a parent’s love grows with every child. Love is not something you share equally among your kids; but something that instinctually magnifies so that your love for each child doesn’t diminish but only thrives.

We celebrated Naomi’s birthday a few days early on July 17 with a big tutu and bow tie themed birthday party. The girls at the party looked really smashing in their tutu dresses while the boys looked dashing in their bow ties. Naomi slept through the first hour of the party, but spent the rest of the time eating all the food (especially the cake!), dancing to the lively music and laughing with her friends.

See Naomi’s party photos below (click images for captions):

5 years ago

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Glenn Diaz - 4 years ago

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