Cadey’s Birthday Beach Trip to Siquijor

Cadey’s third birthday was a month-long celebration that culminated in a fun, albeit tiring, trip to Siquijor. I wanted to go on another adventure with the family, somewhere we hadn’t ventured before. I saw a friend’s Instagram post of her trip to Siquijor and I thought that would be a wonderful island for the Pearlies to conquer.

Siquijor is for the hardcore family traveler. You must be willing to lug around all that kiddie stuff, or be a master minimalist traveler. Why? Because you have to ride all sorts of transportation to get to the island. We took the earliest flight via Cebu Pacific to Dumaguete, took the hour-long fastcraft from Dumaguete to Siquijor, then rode a jeepney to the resort. So you have to be pretty mobile and your luggage, kids included, must be easy to tote around.

But that wasn’t what we did. Instead, I asked the yayas to pack a huge suitcase to fill all of the girls’ things such as clothes, diapers, milk, snacks, beach paraphernalia (floaters, air pump, shovel and pail, etc.); and then I had a medium suitcase for all my stuff and another for the yayas. We also brought along my mom, who packed her own medium-sized suitcase. The only person who packed light was Eric, who brought one medium sized backpack. Unfortunately for him, he had to take care of all our luggage while we were in transit. That’s what he gets for being the only man in the group. Haha.

Our choice of resort, though, was spot on. I loved White Villas Resort. The air-conditioned villa we got was affordable at about $100 per night – which included two queen sized beds and breakfast for four persons. And even with the two extra single mattresses we ordered for the yayas, our villa was still quite spacious. The villa itself was beautifully decorated, like a modern Balinese villa. We also had our own porch to hang out in when we weren’t out at the beach.

While the rooms and villas were affordable, the food, however, was pretty pricey. We ended up ordering a lot of family-style dishes we could share as a group. That helped keep our food expenses low.

Another setback was that we came at a time when the moon was full – and, hence, it was super low tide the entire time we were there. I guess checking the lunar calendar would help if you want to make sure you can swim. We were able to chat with the owner, who shared with us that he and his wife had plans of getting a swimming pool built for guests who’d like to be able to take a dip during times like this. I hope they push through with that plan! It’s a really nice resort and I wouldn’t mind going back there for a couple only trip with Eric.

All in all, Cadey’s birthday beach trip gave us a wonderful time to bond, relax and experience another beautiful island other than Boracay.

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5 years ago

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