Family Weekend in Montemar

Our first family road trip!

On the weekend of the elections, we decided to go on a quick vacation in Montemar Beach Club. We needed a respite from the pollution and chaos of the city, making the resort a perfectly peaceful getaway for the family. Bataan is only 3 1/2 hours away from the city and the NLEX route is a pretty smooth ride.

We booked our trip from Thursday to Saturday, which was apparently a good time since the resort wasn’t at all crowded during our stay. If you’re not a member of the resort, the room rates are quite affordable considering the space, amenities and the soft, expansive white sand beach; if you’re traveling with a member, you can get the rooms at members’ rates. We got a gallery room that was good for 4 adults and two kids below 9 years old at Php7100 a night including buffet breakfast (members’ rate is Php4900 – huge difference!).

The rooms were well kept, though the shower did conk out on us in the end and leaked all over the floor, haha. But I loved the gallery room we stayed. It offered two queen sized beds pushed together in the main room, then two single beds in the loft. It was an ideal setup for a family traveling with yayas. The room also had a balcony where we could take in the wonderful view.

Speaking of the view, the garden and ocean views of Montemar are absolutely breathtaking. It’s wonderful to see that for over 30 years since it opened, the resort has maintained the beauty of its natural environment. We enjoyed walking along the garden paths and showing the girls the big trees that they don’t usually encounter in the city. The beach is also pristine – no rocks or sharp dried coral so you can walk barefoot if you like, but the sand can get quite hot so I recommend wearing footwear.

There are lots of activities that the resort offers like pony rides and water sports, but we opted to go with the basic: swim in the pool, swim in the ocean, eat in the restaurant, walk around. For a family with very young kids, that’s enough to keep us entertained.

See highlights of our Montemar trip below (click images for captions):

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